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Idk if we will keep all of our users and posts, and what not. But soon-ish we will be moving from forumotion to SMF or somthing.
Sorry for the no updates the past two weeks. VERY soon, there will be a new forum, and friday features will start up again.


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hoagie m

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PostSubject: *The Rules of This Forum*   *The Rules of This Forum* EmptyThu Jul 31, 2008 8:03 pm

Its me Hoagie seeing if I can post without signing up. Please in this forum the same rules apply except in this forum.

make sure you are talking about criterz
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xOi La iMi Bo iOx
xOi La iMi Bo iOx

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PostSubject: Re: *The Rules of This Forum*   *The Rules of This Forum* EmptyMon Nov 24, 2008 4:34 pm

ERRR! Sorry, spambot, 2 more times of a post like this and your not a mod:P Alright, Im in a good mood, its thanksgiving, 4 more times and you not a mod.
Don't do that Hoagie.

You can't be a guest, because....


I will kill you XD

*The Rules of This Forum* 2dv7pmf
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*The Rules of This Forum*
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