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Idk if we will keep all of our users and posts, and what not. But soon-ish we will be moving from forumotion to SMF or somthing.
Sorry for the no updates the past two weeks. VERY soon, there will be a new forum, and friday features will start up again.


 Galaxy APP's

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I post too much

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PostSubject: Galaxy APP's   Galaxy APP's EmptyMon Feb 02, 2009 5:17 am


I'm planning to do some stuff for Galaxy... here it is:

Galaxy NET - Web Browser
Well, I did one, just did it becase got nothing to do, just gonna update it some times, hoagie told me flamethrow also made one, ok, mine can be temporary until his its on.
Galaxy Songs - MP3 Player
I also made this, but still needs to be fixed, we can Import musics, play them , import them and stop them.
GalacticComm - Chat
Yeah, I wanna make this a whole lot. I wanna, I WANNA! And I'll do it... some day...
GalacticMail - E-Mail
Yes, there will be, for everybody the client (The one which lets you send e-mails, but, the domain, like is going to be private. One thing is sure, there will be emails like for the helpful people, when we get our domain.)
Galaxy Text - Text Editor
A simple Text Editor, like note pad... or better...
Galaxy Code - Note Pad, Galaxy's one....
Want to code PHP? Or ASP? Or maybe some Java or want to make an AS file? Well, then, you should youe this. This Text editor will let you write your files and save them with the extension you want!

Thats all for now.

Here the links:

Galaxy Songs: Not available
GalacticComm: In developement
GalacticMail: In developement
Galaxy Text: In develpement
Galaxy Code: In developement



Galaxy APP's 25586_Flash-Programmer
Galaxy APP's 25611_Dreamweaver_User
Galaxy APP's 25634_Fireworks_User
Galaxy APP's 25652_Photoshop_User
Galaxy APP's 25669_Google_is_for_Noobs

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Soccer is da BEST All hail me So what now. Ya better listen to me
Soccer is da BEST All hail me So what now. Ya better listen to me

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PostSubject: Re: Galaxy APP's   Galaxy APP's EmptyMon Feb 02, 2009 12:25 pm

your amazing at this stuff!
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Galaxy APP's
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