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Idk if we will keep all of our users and posts, and what not. But soon-ish we will be moving from forumotion to SMF or somthing.
Sorry for the no updates the past two weeks. VERY soon, there will be a new forum, and friday features will start up again.


 Introduce Yourself!

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Agent Pointy
cool critter
Agent Pointy

Number of posts : 38
Age : 24
Location : Lollipop Lane, next to the ginger bread house.
Registration date : 2008-12-29

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PostSubject: Introduce Yourself!   Introduce Yourself! EmptySat Jan 24, 2009 6:52 am

Well, heres the thread to tell us about yourself, what country you live in, how you found out about criterz, your hobbies, what you prefer to be called!

I know you can just look at a profile, but that's not social or fun!

So I'll start, I'm Agent Pointy, i found out about criterz from the MCCP forums, i can play the guitar and piano, i sing, and paint, and play soccer, and i'm going to remain the anonymous Agent Cool
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I post too much

Number of posts : 366
Age : 23
Location : Brazil
Registration date : 2009-01-18

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PostSubject: Re: Introduce Yourself!   Introduce Yourself! EmptySat Jan 24, 2009 6:58 am


i also got ot know critterz in MCCP forums. i just joined critterz becuase theyneeded a server provgrammer and i8 had nothing to do...

lol, now i have and its awesome... Smile

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Introduce Yourself!
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