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 [Supportfth - SmartFox Server] Lesson 1 - Basics of Socket Servers and Introduction to SmartFox Server

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PostSubject: [Supportfth - SmartFox Server] Lesson 1 - Basics of Socket Servers and Introduction to SmartFox Server   Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:15 am


In this tutorial you will learn:

• How do we build MMOG’s in Flash
• What are Socket Servers
• What is Smart Fox Server and how does it work


Well... Criterz will be a future MMOG... but: In flash, how do we develop MMOG’s?

In flash we can and we can’t develop MMOG’s. What I mean is that, in order to create a MMOG in flash, we need to have a Socket Server. A Socket Server provides flash the necessary tools to make a multiplayer application.

Socket Servers can be made in lots of languages, such as Python, C/C and Java. But, we can also use already built Socket Servers.
There are two main Socket Servers. Those are ElectroServer and SmartFox Server. In this and the next tutorials we will be using SmartFox Server.

SmartFox Server

SmartFox Server was created by the company GotoAndPlay(). It was released to the public on summer of 2004.

GotoAndPlay is an Italian Company which provided specialized ActionScripts for Server-side development. GotoAndPlay helped to bring to life lots of multiuser games and applications, between them, the famous: Club Penguin.

In SmartFox Server, there are zones, rooms and users. The server can hold zones, which can hold rooms which hold users. Rooms are totally independent from another, so, if there is a chat on room A and B, the messages on room a wont appear on room B, and vice-versa.

SmartFox Server has several products:

SmartFox Server: The Server, used for all main applications.
LITE: The Lite version of SmartFox Server contains all the basic tools for making nice chats and games. Often, is much recommended for being free and being able to hold all the users the CPU can.
BASIC: The Basic version of SmartFox is a more developed version of Lite. It holds everything on lite version plus Moderators, Administrators, Buddy Lists, IP filtering, Banning, and much more. This version needs to be paid to use.
PRO: The Pro Version is the Best Version of SmartFox Server. It has everything listed before plus ability to connect really easily to databases, encrypted login system, send emails function, advanced buddy list with black-lists, permissions etc. , and comes along with BlueBox.
BlueBox: Sometimes, firewall can block messages between the server and the client. BlueBox fixes that issue. It converts the Server/Client messages to HTTP, so, only a person that blocks HTTP from the computer will have problems with that!
RedBox: Red Box adds video and audio streaming capability to your multiuser applications. Do you imagine making a instant messenger such as MSN? Well, right product to start!
SmartFox Bits: This engine permits an incredibly rapid speed in developing multiuser applications. But how much speed we gain? Well, the answer is simple: the speed of a simple drag and drop!
OpenSpace: Well… ever thought of making a incredible MMOG with chat, monsters, quests, 3D graphics and everything to make it the best of the world? Well, OpenSpace makes your wish true. OpenSpace can “fake” simple 2D graphics and put them into a 2.5D World! With help of this awesome product you will be building fascinating MMOG’s in less tan what you can imagine.

Hope this tutorial was helpful. Until next Lesson!



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[Supportfth - SmartFox Server] Lesson 1 - Basics of Socket Servers and Introduction to SmartFox Server
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