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Idk if we will keep all of our users and posts, and what not. But soon-ish we will be moving from forumotion to SMF or somthing.
Sorry for the no updates the past two weeks. VERY soon, there will be a new forum, and friday features will start up again.

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 The Dragon Naturally Speaking

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PostSubject: The Dragon Naturally Speaking   Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:20 am

You should try it. Speak onto your microphone and the computer writes it. Even voice commands, like "Select Seriously {pause} Bold That" it will print


No errors.

I'm going to try it with actionscrpit. I just can't imagine:

"OnClipEvent Select OnClipEvent {pause} All together Open Brackets {pause} enter Frame {pause} Select that {pause} All together {pause} Close Brackets.. {pause} Open Curly Brakets.,.."

All that to write OnClipEvent(enterFrame){

But, for MSN, it's pretty good.

EDIT.: Microsoft has got one that comes pre-installed on the Windows XP SP2 (or SP3?). But it doesn't include voice commands like "Send", "Bold That", "Itallizice",

EDIT 2.: I'm speaking about version 2.0 . They are currently in version 10.0 . (More or Less. ROFL)


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The Dragon Naturally Speaking
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