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 Rules, About, and General Welcome!

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PostSubject: Rules, About, and General Welcome!   Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:10 am

Criterz Cardz is a new card game hosted by Criterz! Heres a brief overview of how to play and the rules:

Quote :
Each series of Criter Cardz is based on a theme, such as super heroes, kids, or whatever else i think of or is suggested! Each card in the pack shows a list of numerical data about the item. For example, a super heroe card may have 6/6 strength,5 defence but only 3 age.

All the cards are brought with Criter Coinz, unless you win a tornement and get a sepcial edition card. There are two players, and at each player starts with at least 10 (and a maximum of 15). At the beginning of a match each player PM's their 8-15 cards to the referee, From then on each player posts their card in order and what power/attack they are using (age, strength, defence, Intelligence) The oponent then replys with their first card and it goes on from there. Whenever some one wins the draw they then choose the first card, keeping the opponents card. The last one with cards wins.
Q & A

Where do I get Criterz Cardz From?
Everyone gets a starter deck of 25 Cardz. Additional cardz can be brought from the official Criterz Cardz shop.

Other questions will be posted and answered when asked.

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Rules, About, and General Welcome!
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